ENACT Trials @ Fondazione Mondo Digitale – Rome

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ENACT Trials @ Fondazione Mondo Digitale – Rome

Fondazione Mondo Digitale gave birth of the first 4 days of ENACT game trialling with high schools students, on the 13, 14, 15 and 16th April 2015. The definitive beta version of the software developed in collaboration with Aidvanced, Naples University, Plymouth University and Fundetec had already passed the tests of the students at pre-tests in Plymouth University demonstrating to have a good usability, attractiveness and intuitiveness.

The existence of a reliable link between the Enact Tool and the negotiation style, along with conflict management skills, will be evaluated by analysing the correlation of the Enact game profiles with the ones obtained through the ROCI-II (Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory-II) that are the following (as provided by Rahim’s model) : Collaborating, Accommodating, Dominating, Avoiding and Compromising.

Students completed four psychological tests while testing the game:

  1. adjectives of BIG Five personality inventory;
  2. Assertive efficacy Test;
  3. Self-efficacy Test;
  4. Coping Test,

This battery is meant to trace a better profile of the test takers highlighting how the psychological dimensions they measure are related to the different conflict styles.

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