Project Aims

ENACT’s aim is to contribute to the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practices (LLP-Obj-h). It will provide free, flexible, innovative teaching and assessment methods for improving negotiation and communication skills in formal and informal educational contexts (KA3 3.2.2).

The objective of the project is twofold:

(i)                   to design and realise an innovative and diverse training methodology, in the form of an online “game”, suitable for use as stand-alone tool for self-learning;

(ii)                 to develop an innovative and scientifically sound assessment methodology, in the form of an intelligent tutor, capable of providing reliable analysis of the user’s negotiation competences and communication style.

 Compared to the existing training methodology, ENACT offers a number of innovations:

-         It is designed to reach individuals and organizations that have limited access to training and assessment in this area due to cost and organisational constraints.

-         Will permit learners to practice their skills in a “safe”, highly motivating environment. Their skills will be assessed by an intelligent artificial tutor which will provide feedback on each user’s strengths and areas for improvement.

-         It is asynchronous, thus removing the need for all learners to participate at the same time. This will provide flexibility and mobility of use.

-         The underlying psychological model of communication and negotiation will be based on consolidated theory and artificial agents will be implemented by using the most advanced methodologies in artificial cognitive systems, in order to better capture the fuzziness and non-linearity of real psychological processes.

Attention will be focused on enhanced privacy requirements and the quality of online experience.