The ENACT Consortium comprises six core partners from 4 EU countries. The project is led by Plymouth University (UK) and supported by Aidvanced ltd (Italy),  University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy), Fondazione Mondo Digitale (Italy), The Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sport (Turkey), and Fundetect (Spain).

Each partner contributes with its specific know-how and expertise to the realization of particular pillars, which are identified in: Software and Users.

The Software pillar comprises the partners that will be responsible for the technological design and implementation: Plymouth University and Aidvanced ltd.

The User pillar comprises the partners responsible for identifying users’ needs and for the trialling of ENACT within coherent VET and educational contexts: University of Naples “Federico II”, Fondazione Mondo DigitaleThe Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sport, and Fundetect.





Plymouth University (coordinator) has extensive experience in project coordination (WP1). It also has exceptional expertise in artificial cognitive modelling and artificial intelligence; and psychological modelling for online training, as well as training and assessment of social and transferable skills; and online security and privacy technology (PLYM).

Staff: Davide Marocco (Coordinator), Steven Furnell (Co-pi), Elena Dell'Aquila, Daniela Pacella

Members of Aidvanced have actively participated in several LLP projects. They have experience in designing and developing online training services for soft skills development. Aidvanced will be responsible for software development and for the maintenance of the web platform in which the ENACT technology will be delivered (AID).

Staff: Andrea Di Ferdinando, Massimiliano Schembri, Orazio Miglino



Fondazione Mondo Digitale is involved in several national and European ICT projects in schools and potentially sensitive social sectors. FMD will survey user requirements and will organise trialling in secondary schools addressing both students and teachers, as part of their informal continuous professional development activities (FMD).

Staff: Annaleda Mazzucato, Mirta Michilli

Fundetect has experience in promoting ICT diffusion within SMEs and the private sector through a series of national and European projects. FUND will survey SME managers and employees for training and assessment needs and will trial ENACT technology with those target groups (FUND).

Staff: Sylvie Galaup



The University of Naples “Federico II” has experience in delivering courses for higher education teachers and trainers. It will survey user requirements and will include ENACT trialling as part of their informal formative offer (UNINA).

Staff: Onofrio Gigliotta (PI), Angelo Rega

The Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sport is responsible for policy-making and actions in support of the personal and social development of young people. MYS will survey for needs and will trial the technology within the 81 “Youth Centres” spread throughout the Country. It will mainly address secondary school and university students (MYS).

Staff: Ozgur Yaşar Akyar